The Home Secretary and Mary Macleod support Chiswick residents in fight against anti-social behaviour

The Home Secretary, Rt Hon. Amber Rudd MP met with Mary Macleod in Chiswick today to listen to residents concerned about the recent increase in anti-social behaviour and crime in the Chiswick Back Common area.

Anti-social behaviour and disorder has been on the rise in recent weeks, culminating in a large scale incident on Monday 24 April where police officers were assaulted as they attempted to make arrests after a large gang of some 50 people gathered on Chiswick Back Common.

Amber and Mary met with local residents and Chiswick Councillors Adrian Lee and John Todd to hear about the recent incidents and listen to residents’ concerns.

Amber said: "I was concerned to hear about recent incidents of anti-social behaviour and other crimes in the Chiswick Common area which are most distressing for local residents. It was good to come along here today with Mary Macleod to meet some of those affected and hear firsthand about the issues in what is such a lovely part of London.

“I know that Inspector Steven Edwards from the Turnham Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team is organising a meeting later this week to review the situation and I look forward to hearing the outcome. Anti-social behaviour really affects the quality of people's lives and it's so important that everyone comes together - police, local residents, politicians, schools, parents and local businesses to take action to address it.

"I was also delighted to have the opportunity to meet some of Mary Macleod's team who are out campaigning with her to win back the Brentford & Isleworth constituency for the Conservatives. Mary is sorely missed in Parliament and I wish her well in the upcoming election and look forward to welcoming her back on the green benches where she can continue her hard work for the people of Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth, Osterley and Hounslow."

Mary Macleod said: “I was delighted to welcome the Home Secretary to Chiswick today to meet local residents and hear about the worrying incidents of anti-social behavior and disorder in the Chiswick Common area. It is simply not acceptable for people to be harassed on the streets and constantly worried about what’s happening outside their own homes.

“I am glad to hear that Inspector Edwards has taken the important step to put in place a Dispersal Zone, which allows them to arrest any youths who return to the area after being asked to leave. The fact that several arrests have already been made shows that they mean business but I hope that the meeting on Wednesday evening with the Turnham Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team will identify further actions to be taken to deal with this situation.”