GREAT deal for Britain on Brexit

This nation faces a tough fight in the negotiations we are now entering into with the European Union. These negotiations will determine the freedom of our economy, the flexibility of our trade with the rest of Europe, where we will be able to work, and how we can welcome the people we need to come to work in this country without uncontrollable immigration. It may determine the types of jobs our children are doing in ten years’ time and the success of the City as a global centre of finance.

There is a certainly a lot at stake in these negotiations.  We will need to be organised and clear, resolute and determined.  We will need the right people in the negotiating room to get the results we need for our country. 

I have known Theresa for ten years and have no doubt that she is the right person for the job. She is highly intelligent, skilled and determined. She will fight persuasively and stand her ground where we need her to to get the right results.

I have already been working with David Davies on some of the negotiation preparations and would relish the opportunity to contribute further. I believe that my business and political experience would contribute positively to this work and I would ensure that the concerns of local residents are taken into consideration as we work to find the best solution for Britain.