Boost jobs and growth

Boosting Jobs and Growth in West London


During her time in office from 2010-2015, unemployment in Mary's constituency fell by 38% and youth unemployment fell by a massive 49% over the same period. Coupled with the fact that over 9,400 new businesses started and we saw record numbers of apprentices, the outlook for this part of West London looks good - but there is always more we can do.

Small Businesses

As the Prime Minister's Small Business Ambassador, Mary campaigned relentlessly on behalf of Small Businesses, especially in her constituency. Mary believes that small businesses are the key to securing long term growth in our economy and met with hundreds of businesspeople in West London and beyond to discuss their concerns. 


Apprenticeships are now firmly established as a valuable approach to building the skills we really need to deliver economic growth. Mary would like to double the number of apprenticeships being undertaken locally and will work with local providers, employers and education establishments to help make this happen.