Better local deal on Heathrow

I am not anti-aviation - I want us to have a world-class aviation industry in the UK and I acknowledge that there are many benefits from our proximity to Heathrow. However, we cannot ignore the negative impact on residents, schools and organisations in the local area.

Almost 30% of all those impacted by the noise of aircraft across the whole of Europe live under the flightpaths of Heathrow airport. Around 750,000 people are affected by the noise of the constant flights, particularly those during the night period.

My Campaign

My campaign on Heathrow to date has focused on three key elements:

  1. Campaigning against the third runway;
  2. Highlighting the importance of runway alternation; and
  3. Campaigning to end night flights

The government may have chosen Heathrow as the preferred option for expansion but I don't believe that this is the end of the story. The government is currently consulting on the National Policy Statement on new runway capacity in the South East and should therefore be prepared to block the expansion if sufficient concerns are raised. Likewise if Heathrow is unable to demonstrate that it is able to meet the stringent requirements identified by the policy, such as ensuring there will be no increase in airport-related road traffic, this should also have an impact on the decision making in Parliament.

I would urge local residents to participate in the public consultation which closes on 25th May 2017 read more here